About Us

We are a Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator (MVNA) helping thin Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) get to market faster and at a cheaper cost by providing the necessary infrastructure and hosted systems.

Enabling Asia lowers entry barriers by providing end-to-end support in both technical and operational segments for MVNOs within the ASEAN region. Our solutions are tailored to the unique needs of our individual clients while at the same time leveraging on their strengths.

Our business model has also been carefully crafted to pay close attention to the way consumers transact purchases online, and we ensure that our MVNOs have access to the best distribution channels possible.

Mission Statement

Building a regional network of
MVNOs in the fastest growing
region in the world

Enabling Asia is, and always
will be, client-focused

Enabling Asia is committed
to continuous development

Enabling Asia’s strategy is to replicate successful MVNO models outside of Malaysia over the next five years. The MVNA is working closely with country-specific partners to create an ASEAN-wide network of MVNOs. We have made a commitment to our clients that they will always be market leaders, not followers. This mean staying abreast of new developments in technology, striving for innovation, and actively listening to our client’s needs. Enabling Asia promises to always have the best processes and people in place, which will in turn ensure that our clients always get the best from us.


Enabling Asia strives hard to become the preferred Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator in Asia's Mobile Virtual Network space. We plan to create strategic partnerships with our technical and MVNO partners to deliver a suite of essential and user-friendly applications and services.

Our business model has been designed with all stakeholders in mind – from our mobile network operators, MVNOs, and distribution partners, to our clients and consumers. Our business is holistic in nature, and we are committed to creating value in the entire supply chain.